How to choose a resume design for your industry and profile

How to choose a resume design for your industry and profile

Are you on the lookout for a job and also possess the necessary skills? The only problem is that you do not know how to structure your resume design in order to impress your supposed employer. It’s quite understandable as it is your first time at this probably and you do not know which resume design to go for.

You are nervous as to how will you be a good CV maker and influence the people concerned.

Do not worry. CV Owl is here and we are happy to help you choose a resume design for your Resume Industry and your profile.

A good design is a CV maker and can help you land a job with the best of firms and companies. The layout of your resume design matters a lot and is integral for you to get a job as the way you showcase your CV is extremely essential.

Key Points to be Noted

Let us first go over the basic points that you should keep in mind while selecting an online CV template.

Have an in-depth knowledge of the company you are seeking a job in.

Be well versed with the type of industry you have opted for.

Use the Internet to your complete benefit and gather all the information you can from all the websites and the social media handles that the company has. This helps you get a basic idea of the kind of custom that the company follows.

Always choose such a design that moulds well with the industry in question.

Always choose a design that amalgamates your company and personality in a brilliant fashion.

Always use a legible font such that it is readable whether one reads it on a computer or gets a printout of it.

There is no strict format but do try to include headings, subheadings, bullets wherever you feel is necessary.

You should always finetune whatever designs you choose to meet the demands of the company.

Take the help of professional CV makers as they can guide in a right direction and help you utilize the existing resume designs & formats such that it highlights your strengths and undermines your weaknesses.

Save your CV as a PDF so that even when you apply an online CV template your original data does not get lost if some failure occurs.

Choosing a good resume design

The design is colossally impactful – Having a good-looking CV design can be a CV maker for you. Always remember that nobody likes clutter. So, your resume design should be clean, concise and simple. Follow the concept of less is more here. The resume design should not come off as extremely flashy and over the top.

Be distinctive – The key to a good resume design is being a bit special and characteristic while still sticking to the norms. You could use columns to be different from the crowd and do away with the overcrowding of information. Just organise it well in columns and there. You have got something unique.

Talk about yourself – A resume design is entirely about you. So, include all the relevant information that you can about yourself while being precise. Be a little selective while incorporating the information.

You need to transform your resume design to a sneak peek into your story and your journey meaning that you should talk about your job experience, your growth as a professional your client base, your revenue profits and other achievements.

Mentioning less conventional skills – Since it is your job resume you must have included all details of how efficient you are as a professional. But you need to weigh it down a bit by talking about the other side of your skills as in leadership, communication skills and well you are at negotiation.

Target the company – While acting as your own CV maker ensure that you hit the right spots that the company wants you to. Use those keywords that you know are going to draw the attention of the company.

Researches have shown that the HR people do not spend more than 6-7 seconds to decide your career. Your entire hard work of hours and hours is taken into consideration for 1/10th of a minute. So, do highlight the details.

Formatting is the key – Create the layout of your resume design in such a manner that the most important details are at the top and the bottom because that is where generally the focus goes.

What you could do is add your LinkedIn address and also the address to your other social media handles if relevant meaning to say that the profile should be an asset to your resume design selection.

Add some customized designs. You could add some borders or shading as per required.

You can also prepare multiple resume designs for various job requirements.

Strong Contact Section – The place where you mention your contact details holds a lot of importance as the employer will look at that only if he is thinking of offering you a job.

Make it stand out. You could use some colours here but they should be very subtle.

You could provide in this section a live link for your email address.

The photo you attach (if you are doing so) should be professional. You should give off an impression of being friendly and trustworthy.

Resume Designs based on Industry

For Creative Minds – Show the recipient your creative side and don’t hold back. Use colourful visuals and mention that content that is required for the job. Your personality should come as the best they can get.

Since you are wanting to be a creative professional don’t go for the conventional designs. Explore modern technologies and implement them in your CV and do not let your resume design be a simple Word Document.

For Science and Technology – Do not be extremely extravagant in this one unless there is some company that really prefers quirky responses. Your CV should be mature and displaying a sense of logic and intellect. Stick to the traditional and plain design with a little colour perhaps.

Mention about any of the past research papers you have published and what are your hobbies as per your job. You can also give details about the various tech tournaments you must have indulged in.

If you are wanting to be a CS professional having a website and providing its link to them can act as a cherry on the cake.

For Law – It is ceremonious that you mention your past work experiences here in order to show the employer that you are somebody who will bring about a change in the existing norms. Do include all your educational details.

For Food Industry – The basic thing that you need to include in such a type of resume is your passion for food. Display that and half of the work is done then and there.

Further, tell them about the quintessential knowledge that you possess regarding this industry and also state that you are an equally efficient team player as well as a team player.

For Medical Field – The picture you need to paint here is that you have the determination and that zeal that will help people in need. You need to pay very close attention to detail in this one. Talk about your education at length.

For Financial and Accountancy jobs- These jobs require long sightedness. Have a clear picture of the post you are applying for and include your work experiences and educational details.

For Social Services – All you can mention here is your past work in the field, your educational background and why you want to take up social service as a job.

For Talent Curators – Do you know that these HR people and these talent curators can be job seekers also. If you are in such an industry where your job is to find jobs or you discover new talents then your CV should be extremely extraordinary.

Don’t be so rigid but be fluid with your CV in order to get a job. This reflects not only your accepting personality but also about the industry. It should be clean and business-like.

For Freelancers and Consultants – Here you are free to express yourself. Talk about your persona, experience and also tell them that you like the job and not doing it just for the heck of it. You could also use a testimonial from your previous jobs.

Let the fonts do all the talking

The fonts speak so much about you that you can’t even imagine. It lets the employer have a rough idea as to what type of a person you are.

Comic Sans- If you want to make a long-lasting impression this is not a font that you should go for. It appears childish and takes away the entire appeal from your resume.

Same goes for Papyrus which is a very unprofessional font.

Serif – This is more of a conventional font and gives off a vibe of professionalism. It suits the best when you are trying out for some job that requires a certain level of maturity.

Sans Serif – This is more of a creative font and appears really clean and modern. Choose this one if you are going in for something related to creativity.

Thin- This portrays that you are reserved in your mannerisms and prefer to stay quiet. You enjoy the calm of solitude.

Blocky – If you are just out there, an extrovert and can express your thoughts in a dominant way this is the font for you.

Script – This shows that you are a little-laid back but in a good way. You are amusing and warm towards people and an easy person to talk to.

Courier – An old-school font taking up considerable space so it can be helpful. It shows that you are highly educated and will give your best efforts to the company.

These are the certain tips that you can follow while choosing your resume design. Research about all kinds of CV makers and templates and then make an informed choice.

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