How To Create Your CV With Online CV Maker

How To Create Your CV With Online CV Maker

CV Maker for building your CV online.

Getting your CV right and using the right CV Maker is essential for job-hunt success as it’s the first stage of convincing a prospective employer that you’re the one for the role.

To make sure you present yourself as the talent they need to bring on board, here are eight things that should not be included on your CV.

Remove them right away and you’ll create an impression that lasts for the right reasons.

1. Age and date of birth

As your age doesn’t affect your ability to do the job you’re applying for, it has no place on your CV. Employers should measure your ability on years of experience, not how old you are.

In fact, you won’t see this option in most of the free CV Makers.

In the UK, under the Equality Act 2010, it’s illegal for employers to discriminate against candidates because of their age.

Therefore, recruiters should not ask for this information during the job application process, and they should not base their decisions on hiring or not hiring you based on how old you are.

Don’t give them the fuel to do so by including your age on your CV.

2. Marital status and dependents

Like your age, your marital status and the number of children you have don’t affect your ability to do a job.

Therefore, you don’t need to include this information on your CV.

Plus, these are protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

3.) Personal circumstances

Most candidates are extremely lucky to experience a smooth career trajectory, as most of us go through a few bumps here and there.

Your reasons for being out of work to have no place on your CV for two reasons. Firstly, your CV is a two-page document filled with your most relevant skills and abilities to show why you’re a great fit for a vacancy.

You don’t want to waste precious space with details that could convince the prospective employer why you might not be so great.

This is particularly pertinent if you were dismissed from your last role.

Secondly, some personal circumstances are also protected characteristics, such as being pregnant or on maternity leave.

It’s worth noting that you’re legally protected by the Equality Act if you’re associated with someone who has a protected characteristic, such as if you were caring for a family member or friend with a disability.

Even if your reason is protected, don’t open yourself up to potential discrimination by listing it on your CV. There are better ways to fill the space.

Hence, it is evenly more important to use perfect CV Maker.

4.) A photo

In some countries, a headshot is customary.

However, in the online CV Maker, a photo of yourself is not required.

Firstly, employers should judge you on your skills and experience, not what you look like.

Therefore, it’s more beneficial to fill the space with the details they’re looking for.

Secondly, a photo can often reveal your age, or at least give a general idea of it.

Avoid the possibility of age discrimination by not including a headshot on your CV and your online CV Maker.

5.) Your address

Once upon a time, listing your address on your CV was a requirement.

Today, however, you simply need to list your town and county of residence using free CV Maker.

Most application forms ask you to fill in your address separately, so there’s little point in adding it to your CV too.

But your general location can be a nice addition to your CV if your locality is deemed a selling point.

If you think your location might negatively affect your chances of landing a job ‒ if you live quite a distance away, for example ‒ you can omit your location from your CV entirely by using CV Owl’s Free Resume Builder and best CV Maker.

6.) ‘Curriculum vitae’ as the title

Many job hunters make the mistake of titling their CV with the phrase ‘curriculum vitae’ or ‘CV’.

This is outdated and unnecessary.

As most CVs are sent digitally and created using online resume builders and free CV Maker, the file name of the document should be enough to signal to the recruiter what it is.

Plus, if you’ve formatted your CV correctly, a prospective employer will know that it’s a CV with one glance.

Treat your name as the title of the document.

After all, your CV is all about you.

Place it at the top of your CV in large lettering, followed by your email address, phone number, location and your LinkedIn URL.

7.) Irrelevant work experience and qualifications

It’s extremely important to tailor your CV to the job for which you’re applying.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to cut irrelevant details from your CV.

This includes work experience from over 10 years ago or positions that are unrelated to the industry you’re entering, for example:

I’d also encourage you to avoid listing every single qualification to your name if you’re a few years into your career.

Summarize your qualifications where you can; for example: ‘four A-Levels, grades A to C’.

And if you’re an experienced professional, it’s perfectly acceptable to list only your most recent or weighty qualification, such as your degree.

The rest of your education is suggested.

CV Owl’s free CV Maker gives you the option to choose the best suggestions for your experience section in your CV..

8.) References

How useful is the line ‘References available upon request’ at the end of your CV? Not much.

Across the globe, there is a mutual expectation between past and prospective employers that an exchange of references may be necessary when a new hire starts their role.

Therefore, as everyone is in the know, it’s redundant to say at the end of your CV that you have references at hand.

If your new employer wants a reference, they’ll ask for it, so use that space on the page for more important points to show recruiters what a great hire you’d make.

CV Owl offers the best free resume builder and online CV Maker and a range of CV-writing services including expertly written and keyword-optimized CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

It is currently offering CV review to help you make sure your CV doesn’t include any of these fatal flaws.

On an average, recruiters receive 250 applications for a single corporate job opening. With a stat like this, it is essential that you chose the right CV Maker and your CV is up to scratch because if you’re not selling yourself on your CV, you can bet that the next candidate is.

Using online resume builder and CV Maker is always a tough task, and if your CV includes one or more of the following signs, it might be time to step it up.

1.) Your CV is missing a skills section

When it comes to passing an applicant tracking system, your skills section is your best friend.

This is the easiest way to insert keywords into your CV and highlight to the recruiter (and software) that you have the necessary skills for the role.

If you don’t have a skills section on your CV, or if you are listing irrelevant skills, then you are likely underselling yourself or you can choose online CV maker which contains skills section.

2. You’ve yet to master the art of the humble brag

It’s not always comfortable to talk about your achievements, but when the whole point of a CV is to sell yourself, you need to step it up.

Enter the art of the humble brag.

The goal here is to brag about your achievements, qualifications and skills in a way that is professional and polite (and doesn’t necessarily feel like bragging).

If you’re struggling to talk about your accomplishments, you could be underselling yourself and hence it is preferred to use online resume builders and CV Makers.

3. You’ve listed your duties but not your achievements

Recruiters are looking for candidates who can demonstrate relevant experience and offer a positive contribution to the hiring company.

When listing your previous work experience, you shouldn’t be writing it like a job description.

It’s fine to list your responsibilities, but recruiters will be looking for your achievements.

What did you contribute to your previous roles? What impact did you have?

If you can list specific accomplishments and figures to demonstrate the quantifiable impact you made, chances are you’ll move ahead of the competition.

4. You forgot to include a cover letter

When your CV is only two pages in length, you want to make sure you are using every tool you’ve got to impress a recruiter.

So why wouldn’t you submit a cover letter?

Unlike a CV, your cover letter is an opportunity to speak directly to the hiring manager and address exactly why you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

Even if the job application lists a cover letter as ‘optional’, it’s always recommended to submit one.

If you don’t, you’re probably underselling yourself and limiting your opportunities.

5. You skipped the proofread

Writing a successful CV that sells you and your accomplishments does not need to be a stressful experience.

Just remember to highlight your relevant skills, list your achievements, proofread and make the most of every opportunity you have to impress.

CV Owl offers a range of CV-writing services including expertly written and keyword-optimised CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. It is currently offering CV review to help you sell yourself the right way and land your dream job.

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