Resume writing: Expectations vs Reality

Resume writing: Expectations vs Reality

Resume writing is an art. It is an important document that serves as one of the factors which determine whether you will get your desired job or not.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to create a perfect resume that stands out from the rest. For doing so, you need to include relevant details in your resume.

Resume writing might be a daunting task for you, especially if you are a fresher. You might be having several perceptions about resume writing.

The Expectations vs. Reality for resume writing are presented as follows:

Expectation #1- I can get my desired job with a mediocre resume-

Most of us assume that we can impress the employers by submitting a resume that has no differentiating factors. We don’t want to put in much effort and time in entering all the details in our resume.

Reality– Your resume is your first opportunity to impress the recruiter.

If your resume is not up to the mark, you stand no chances of being shortlisted at least. Those having an astounding resume secure higher chances of being hired.
Therefore, one cannot get their desired job by submitting a mediocre resume to their targeted organization.

Expectation #2- I can impress the employer by writing a lengthy resume-

You must be wondering what you can create a favourable impression if you have a long resume. You, therefore, keep adding information that is irrelevant just for the sake of making it look longer.
You expect that the recruiter will read all your details and you will stand chances of being hired.

Reality– In today’s times, people have shorter attention spans.

If your resume is too wordy and doesn’t contain any relevant or meaningful information, it will have no importance.
The recruiter will straight away reject you for having such a substandard resume.

Expectation #3- I do not need to follow any resume format-

We do not want to follow a set of guidelines or any pre-defined criteria for writing a resume.
Therefore, most of us do not have an appropriate resume format and enter details without following a proper order.

Reality– It is extremely important to enter all your details in the resume in a proper sequence. Your resume should primarily consist of the following:

Your personal details (Name, E-mail address, Gender, Marital status and Nationality)
– Contact details
– Objective
– Work Experience( If any)
– Education
– Skills
– Projects done by you
– Achievements
– Hobbies and Interests

Expectation #4- It is okay if I make typing mistakes in my resume-

It is a natural human tendency to make typo errors. Some even make grammatical mistakes in their resumes.
But they still expect the recruiters to completely neglect these flaws and accept their resume.

Reality– While writing your resume, make sure that there are no punctuation, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Any such errors in your resume will make you look highly unprofessional.

Expectation #5- I don’t want to change my existing email address and I will enter the same in my resume-

You do not want to put in an effort to change your email address and enter the same email address in your resume with the perception that it doesn’t have much significance.

Reality– Email addresses such as or leave negative impressions about your personality.

Therefore, always keep your email id simple and professional.

Expectation #6- I can use the same resume for all job applications-

Most job seekers expect the same resume to be accepted by all the employers. They, therefore, do not make any necessary changes in their resume.

Reality– It is important to modify or customize your resume as per the job requirement.

It doesn’t include much effort. All you need to do is just change or alter a few sentences.

Eliminate all such information that is irrelevant for any particular job opening and restricts your resume to the information that makes you appear beneficial to the hiring organization.

Expectation #7- I do not need to put in much effort to make my resume look professional-

Some people do not have the willingness to make their resume look professional and presentable and expect they will get their dream job!

Reality– A professional looking resume stands out from the rest.

Maintain an appropriate font size and font style.

Only use professional fonts such as Verdana, Calibri, Tahoma and so on.

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