Why Use Professional CV Writing Services?

Why Use Professional CV Writing Services?

Searching for a new job and leveraging professional CV Writing services can be a daunting prospect for anyone at any time, but in today’s globally competitive digital landscape, it can be mind-boggling and extremely frustrating process.

The playing field has widened considerably, digitally speaking, so how does one successfully navigate this new arena?

Where to start?

The first hurdle to jump is finding that old, worn out CV and breathing new life into what is likely an outdated and wordy document.

There are many approaches to this task, the first of which is to locate the old CV, blow off the dust and update it by including the latest positions, educational accomplishments, and skill sets acquired.

This is where CV Owl’s professional CV writing services comes into action.

Your CV is, perhaps, the most valuable document you own.

Getting to the right interview can potentially transform your life.

Whether you want to increase your income, get back into work or are looking to branch into a new career, getting that all-important interview is vital. And it all starts with your CV.

Given how just how important your CV is, it is surprising that many job seekers struggle on using a CV they may have created many moons ago.

The result is an unbalanced CV with too much information on early jobs and not enough about the most recent. Or a focus on responsibilities and duties without any information on achievements.

The truth is, it’s difficult to write about yourself and that is why experienced people invest in CV writing services much more compared to inexperienced ones. And given that most employers spend less than 30 seconds reading a CV, it becomes clear just how important a succinct and compelling CV is.

It can win or lose you interview opportunities. Investing in a professional CV writing services can make a vital difference in giving you the edge.

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts!

Once you have revised your CV’s content to accurately describe your talents and achievements to date, the real hunt for CV writing services can begin! Often times, this is where job seekers become overwhelmed and grossly under-represented within their chosen industry or market segment.

Why does this happen? Unfortunately, this is usually because of a poorly written and lengthy CV. The moment hiring managers’ eyes glaze over whilst reading your CV, into the bin it goes, forever and this is where people feel the need for a professional CV writing services.

A professional CV writer is more than just an expert wordsmith. Of course, they will create a compelling CV but they will also become your advocate and help to guide you through the often frustrating job hunting maze.

They will get take the time to truly understand your ambition and strengths and craft a focused CV that highlights your relevant accomplishments. This is why it is always advisable to opt for professional CV Writing services and with CV Owl you can end your frustration now.

90% of our customers say their new CV significantly improved their interview prospects by availing our CV Writing Services.

Does your CV pass the 30-second test? Upload your CV here for a free, confidential evaluation from a trusted CV expert.

What will a professional CV writing services do for my exposure and prospects?

CV writing professionals are trained to cull out the drivel and the useless fluff that some job seekers feel creates an edge, makes a statement, or embellishes their roles and responsibilities to appear more impressive than they actually were. This is a gross misconception and a waste of prime CV real estate.

CV writing professionals will review your document, improve or create a career summary based on information that is provided, and pull out core competencies, key skill sets, and industry-specific keywords that will help slide your CV through the ever-present applicant tracking systems.

CV Owl provides a range of writing services that can transform your interview prospects. This includes the Immediate Impression CV writing services that includes an in-depth telephone/Skype consultation for a targeted, achievements focused CV.

Besides our professional CV writing services, we can also help with LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and even with resume websites. You can get things started with CV review.

Graduate/Student CV writing services

Getting that first proper ‘career’ job can be a daunting prospect. In today’s climate, the competition for jobs is fierce. With upwards of 50 applications – and sometimes many more – for graduate jobs you need a CV that is going to really set you apart.

But how do you demonstrate your ability when you may have little direct experience? How do you structure your CV to highlight the right qualities?

Again, this is where CV Owl’s professional CV writing services comes into action and to help you to land in your best-suited job.

There are various different CV structures you can use – from reverse chronological to purely functional -and everything in between.

At CV Owl, we’ll work closely with you to focus your CV on your career ambition once you pursue our CV writing services.

We’ll align your CV with the competencies required for your career aspirations and explore relevant experiences from your academic studies, work and life outside. We’ll structure your CV in a way that best highlights your achievements and strengths.

80% of customers are successful in obtaining interviews within 8 weeks.

CV Owl has helped 1000’s of students and graduates improve their interview prospects. You can go for the dedicated High Impact Graduate/Student CV writing services that includes an in-depth consultation with an experienced and skilled professional CV writer.

There are a variety of discount packages available should you wish to include a cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile with the High Impact CV writing services as well.

You can also get constructive feedback on your current CV with a free 10 minute CV review.

Cover Letter Writing Services

In research carried out by CV Owl, over 30% of employers revealed they would not even read a CV unless the cover letter impressed them first. The message is clear: Just like a CV writing Services, a cover letter is also an important component of the job seekers toolkit.

There are two things a successful cover letter must do.

Firstly, a cover letter needs to provide evidence of meeting the person specification of the job being applied for. So don’t be tempted to use one generic cover letter for every application.

Every job has unique requirements so your letter should be adapted for each. Secondly, your cover letter needs to act as the trigger in getting the reader to really engage and connect with your CV.

CV Owl is an expert at writing concise and compelling cover letters for every type of job in every type of industry. We’ll ask for details of either a live job you’re actually applying for or an example of the typical type of job you are after.

We’ll then tailor the cover letter to those specific requirements to ensure you truly demonstrate the right skills and experience.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

If an employer doesn’t find you on LinkedIn first then it is the next most likely place they will try to seek out more about you after reading your CV.

In short, LinkedIn has become an essential component of the job seekers armory. So, whilst it goes without saying that you are already on it, the question is how well is it working for you?

Of course, there are differences in what you might include in a LinkedIn profile that is ‘public’ and a CV that is essentially a private document.

So the content in CV’s and LinkedIn profiles may be different but they must work together seamlessly as one unit. You must present a consistent proposition to employers and this is where our professional LinkedIn writing service can give you the edge.

Our LinkedIn profile writing services will optimize your profile using keywords that will help employers find you. We’ll write a compelling summary and make sure your achievements are highlighted throughout.

We’ll make sure your LinkedIn profile is consistent with your CV. We’ll also give helpful tips and advice on how to get the most out of LinkedIn whilst looking for a job. 90% of CV Owl’s customers say our CV writing services significantly improved their interview prospects.

CV Owl’s offer a professional LinkedIn writing services that can transform your profile.

You can also purchase it at a discounted price if taken together with a CV as part of the Immediate Impression CV writing services.

So, avail CV Owl’s professional CV writing services now and get shortlisted for your next job interview now. Good Luck and cheers!

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