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Apart from the content that you put on the resume to make it catch the recruiter’s eyes the way it is presented makes a great difference. Since we all are quite aware of how recruiters are often occupied with more than one thing, and there are hundreds of resumes out there you got to do something impressive with your resume rather than just dumping your biodata.

Earlier we discussed chronological, functional and the combination of resumes that we can use, the best of them is the combination resume with a little personal touch added to it.

Name and contact info
Let these appear a little bigger than the rest of the content. It is best to go with fonts that are easily readable like the most used Times New Roman, or any other that suits best.

Keep in mind to use the same font throughout the resume. Changing font hints at one’s inconsistency and instability. Your name, phone number, and email address are more than enough. There’s honestly no need to write present or permanent address.

Profile summary that covers core competencies

Before delving deep into your professional experience two to three lines that tell what you’ve done so far and what you’re looking forward to will make a clear-cut statement about your preferences. It is synonymous with the objective.
Experiences that link aforementioned competencies

Once you’ve made clear what your field of work and interest are then it must be followed by the jobs that helped you to get there (reverse chronological). Use bullet points for a different job, mention location, duration and two sentences that describe what achievements/targets/projects that you’ve completed or dealt in that tenure. Avoid using too many bullets, let there be the balance.

Education and other certifications
Your recent acquired degree and certifications which you feel are related to the job you’re applying are good to go on the resume. Avoid including each and every seminar you’ve attended, instead, pick on the ones where you have a certification from a professional body.

Extracurricular activities

To bring out your leadership capabilities, listing out these activities can help in portraying a better picture.

Volunteer experience

It is optional, you can include if it is in a way related to the job you’re applying for.


This gives a personal touch to your resume; apart from work, there must be other things that you do enjoy doing.
Keep updating your resume every now and then. A dynamic resume is preferred over static one and does give a try to infographic resumes that are in vogue. Just make sure the company you’re applying for is open to infographic resumes.

Happy job search!

Last modified: August 1, 2018

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