5 Tips To Crack The Job Interview

Interview Tips - We are all aware of that butterfly in the stomach moment when we receive that one new message in our inbox or receive a call from the HR department of our dream company confirming that our resume has been selected for the next round of interview. But, hold on!

It is just the first round of interview. You are surely entering the premises of your dream company but not yet as a joinee.

So here are five most effective Interview Tips to gatecrash your job interview to bag your dream job:

Dress Well and Speak Well– Indisputably, the way you carry yourself and the way you talk makes a lot of difference. Wear decent attire that is appropriate for the interview. It is an absolute necessity to be presentable.

Speak confidently. There is nothing to be scared of. You have nothing to lose. Practice Interview Answers to some of the obvious questions. Role-play an interview to achieve proficiency in your answers. Your prudence in answering the questions of the interviewers will be a major deciding factor in the selection process.

Research About The Requirement of The Post You Have Applied For– Research about the company as well the post you have applied for. No matter how big or small the position is, it is one of the most important blocks of the entire structure of the company.

Do not be vague about the role you aspire to take up in the organization. Be well informed about the post you have applied for. If the interviewer gets the impression that you are well informed about the role they are interviewing you for, it would earn you the much-needed brownie point. It will help you inch closer to your goal. Evaluate Your Potentials – You should be able to weigh out your potentials. This will help you give your interviewers a clear picture of what they can expect from you. Most candidates use highly ornamented language to make tall promises about their dedication and hardworking skills that will benefit the organization.

However, the capacity to evaluate your true potentials and representing the same during interview gives a more comprehensive idea about what you will be able to bring to the table that will contribute to the company’s growth. Be Honest And Flexible - Faking facts and information during a job interview is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Don’t think you are cheating on the organization. The organization can still afford a certain percentage of hiring mistake but it will spell disaster for your career.

No matter how long your tenure is in each company, your career is a long-term commitment you have with none other than your own self. Hence, be honest. Let each one of your jobs be a building block towards your career.

Also, it is important to be flexible. Be prepared to unlearn and relearn as per the requirement of your new role as well as the company. The same flexibility should be sported while salary negotiation. Don’t be too rigid about the salary figure. Rather try to figure out the quantum of growth you can achieve during your tenure in the organization.

Ask Appropriate Questions To The Interviewer – It is important to ask questions to the interviewer. You will have a face time with different people across the hierarchy. You should ask appropriate question to each one of the interviewers. You can ask your prospective reporting manager about the KRAs and the work culture followed by the team.

It is relevant to ask because even in the same organization different team has different work habits. Do not ask questions pertaining to employee benefit. Save that question for the HR. Feel free to share your comments and opinions and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.