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If you want to land a well-paying Tutor job, the quality of your tutor resume document is of paramount importance. Tutors provide academic instruction and support, outside of the formal classroom environment to learners and students in a small group or individual basis. If you aspire to progress from the measly $7 per hour to a comfortable $30 per hour, or even $100 per hour, your tutor resume needs to be a cut well above the rest of the competition.


In a competitive world of tutoring, it’s essential to create a powerful well-written tutor resume to stand out from the rest of the applicants. If you are not skilled enough in creating resumes, we are going to help you with this challenging task with our special crafter tutor resume sample for you.


To give a jump start, we made a tutor resume sample for you to use.


What to Highlight in a Tutor Resume


Tutors are education professionals who assist students and learners in improving their academic performance in either individual subject areas or overall, like in the case of remedial tutoring. Tutors generally operate outside of the formal schooling environment but can also be employed in-house at an educational institution like a university or college.


University deans, college principals, school board members, and parents would be looking for very particular aspects on your tutor resume, such as education, academic tutoring level, personality traits, extracurricular activities, subject matter expertise and of course the scope of your working experience.


Firstly, you need to classify your type of tutoring tenure. The main categories for Tutor jobs include:


LSAT Tutor Resume:

LSAT tutors are premium level education professionals who assist candidates in preparing for the Law School Admission Test. In this role, one requires a Juris Doctor or Masters Degree. A structured teaching process is followed utilizing standardized materials as prescribed by LSAT requirements.


Online Tutors Resume:

Tutoring in a virtual learning environment (VLE) is a growing global trend made possible by profound advances in technology and communication channels. Online tutors are usually employed due to their expertise in specific subject matter and employers, in general, expect a completed Bachelor’s degree. Online tutoring takes place via platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Babble, but many tutoring agencies utilize their own in-house distance learning applications. Tutoring can take place in a one on one setting, small groups, and large groups depending on the system functionalities of the teaching platforms.


GMAT Tutors Resume:

Business schools use the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to assess candidates before accepting them into the programs (such as MBA’s) on offer. GMAT Tutors assist prospective applicants in preparing for this exam, which includes quantitative, verbal, analytical, and writing adeptness.


Remedial Tutors Resume:

Also called special needs tutors, these individuals create individualized learning curriculums for students with mental, emotional, physical, or learning disabilities. The purpose of a remedial tutor’s job is to provide personalized support according to the learner’s needs, whether they are dealing with visual disabilities, autism, or dyslexia. Remedial tutors are found at all academic levels and a variety of subjects.


SAT/ACT Tutors Resume:

These Tutors assist high school graduates in preparing for college and university admission exams. Both the Scholastic Aptitude Test and the American College Test require proper preparation to pass the complex Maths, Science, and English sections of the paper. SAT Tutors develop learning schedules and revision rosters, also including mock exams or practice tests as part of their academic guidance to learners.


Subject Matter Tutors Resume:

These may include tutors that work with small groups or individuals to help them improve their performance in specific individual subjects such as English, Maths, or Science. Bachelor degrees and proven expertise in the related subject is required in these cases. Subject Matter Tutors present extra lessons in areas that the learner may find challenging, assist with homework, and test preparation.


Peer Tutors/College Resume:

Peer Tutors are found in educational institutions like colleges and universities and are on the same academic level as the students they teach, but exhibits superior academic performance. They are usually employed by the educational institution on a full time or part-time basis. 


Freelance/Private Tutors Resume:

A Freelance Tutor is the one having other career experience but expertise in a specific area or subject. Freelance Tutors are mostly self-employed and provide academic guidance and assistance to elementary school students, high school students, college or university graduates depending on their teaching forte.


 Private Tutors vary in age, but teachers and lecturers often start their own small businesses to supplement their income after leaving permanent roles at schools and universities. Typical work activities include researching learning methods, preparing learning resources, assessing student needs, answering inquiries, identifying weak areas, and monitoring student performance.


Once you have elaborated on the type of tutoring function you fulfill, the next topic on the tutor resume agenda would be to provide details of the educational environment you tutor in. Do you work from home where students have to attend study sessions at your premises, do you conduct sessions at the learner’s home or are you employed by the educational institution itself where you have access to a classroom or lecture hall for tutoring activities?


Next is the scope of your role; in other words, the value-adding activities that form part of your service offering. Is your focus on improving academic performance with extra lessons regarding subject matter, or do you add the most value by assisting with study methods or exam prepping sessions? Your tutor resume needs to highlight aspects such as customizing education plans, whether you work with standardized materials per school and university curriculums, and if you follow a comprehensive approach or a more targeted strategy. 


For instance, if you are, an English Tutor does your lesson plans cover all aspects of English subject matter such as literature, grammar, reading and comprehension skills or target areas of development in students improving spelling and sentence construction.


Finally, give details on the demographics of the learners you have tutored before. Were they mainly elementary school learners or did you assist students in pursuing their MBA qualifications? Also, include the time frames for instance whether you take in students at the beginning of the academic year and have scheduled sessions planned out for the entire year or do you come in as an impact player’’ just before exams and tests where a student will just engage for 2 or 3 sessions to get them prepped for the upcoming exams?



1. Tutor Resume Job Description

The job description is usually created by a recruiter to find an applicant for a particular job opening. Since a tutor is a freelance teacher hired by people who need to get knowledge, you need to understand your duties and responsibilities clearly. Of course, you can also find a job in a tutoring agency which will provide you with work on a constant basis.


You need to avoid using abbreviations and internal terms to make sure people understand what you want to say.

Let’s figure out the primary duties of a tutor:

  • Go to student’s homes, schools, or libraries to provide a tutoring lesson;
  • Schedule appointments with students (and their parents, if needed).
  • Join pieces of training and getting certifications to improve tutoring knowledge and learn something new.
  • Organizing a learning environment to ensure a learning process is useful and productive.
  • Monitor the student’s progress.
  • Prepare lesson plans, quizzes, and tests according to the student’s needs and goals.
  • Take notes about each student so that you can follow up with him or her later.


We hope this list helps you clarify the responsibilities of a tutor. For tutors who work with students, online duties are almost the same. However, you don’t need to go to student’s homes but find an online environment allowing a student to learn the necessary materials.


2. Best Format for writing a Tutor Resume

It’s not enough to highlight your skills and experience for a well-written tutor resume. One of the most used formats for a resume is the reverse-chronological format. It means you place your most recent activities and experience on top.

Below is the section order which needs to be considered while building your tutor resume:

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Education
  3. Experience
  4. Skills
  5. Certifications
  6. Additional Section (optional)
  7. Testimonials (optional).

We are going to get a closer look at each section below. In the additional article, you can mention the languages you know, personal interests, and hobbies. Testimonials are actual reviews on real students you have worked with, this section is optional.

Talking about the file format, you can use either Microsoft Word or PDF. These formats allow you to make formatting you want and save it so that then you can send your tutor resume via email.


3. What to write in the Contact Information section of a Tutor Resume?

Contact info section is quite simple. However, it’s also quite tricky. Most people don’t pay too much attention to contact details, but if you make even one mistake, a potential student or recruiter may not be able to get in touch with you.

For those of you who are not sure which information you need to add in a contact section, here is a list:

  1. Full name;
  2. Mailing address;
  3. Phone number (cell or home);
  4. Professional email address;
  5. Website (optional).


Ensure to use a professional email address, because sounds not severe. You are going to teach people, so if you don’t have a work email address, you need to create it.


4. How to Write a Tutor Resume Objectives and Tutor Resume Summary?

Having a passion for whatever you do is vital for any job, not only for tutoring. As a rule, the report is placed on the header of a tutor resume. Your abstract should capture the attention of parents, deans, and principles right off the bat with credible information highlighting your specialities/expertise, unique capabilities, and qualifications. The trick is to get all of this done in one paragraph containing no more than six sentences.

Your career summary should be crafted in such a way as to leave a lasting impression. Think forte (expertise), the most impressive achievement, outstanding soft skills, and highest qualification or accreditation obtained.

Take your time to tailor your qualifications to the job description provided by a recruiter. It’s important to adjust your tutor resume every time you sent it for a new job position.


Showcase your measurable accomplishments in academic performance using grades or test scores. Check out some examples of impressive tutor resume statements we crafted for you:


Career Summary 1

Vastly experienced tutor with diverse subject expertise and over ten years of experience. Friendly and ambitious professional with a Bachelor of Science in English and advanced knowledge of mathematics, engineering and social sciences. Adept at improving both group and an individual concept of teaching. 


 Career Summary 2

Professional Language Tutor with more than ten years of experience in teaching Spanish, French, and English to University Students. Studied a Masters Degree in European Languages in Paris and also attained a Bachelors in Education Management. Brings to the table a forte of technical language teaching for written adeptness, as well as a practical role-play component improving verbal communication skills.


  Career Summary 3

Recent university graduate with an English Literature major and four years of experience as a Peer Tutor at California State University. Adept at creating learning materials aligned with the standard university curriculum and boasts a passion for coaching students on Essay Writing and improvement of general conversational skills.


  Career Summary 4

Detail-oriented Science Tutor with an established record of tutoring small groups of graduates virtually via Zoom and Blabber. Highly proficient in guiding PhD Engineering students to present proposals and dissertations according to the strict submission guidelines of the MIT postgraduate programs. Holds a Doctorate with double majors in Science and Mathematics.


As you can see from the samples above, the tutor highlighted ten years of experience in the field, the subjects he is teaching and expertise in both group and individual lessons.


5. How to Describe Your Work Tutor Experience?

The experience section is the ‘meat’ of your tutor resume and a great chance to make a good impression. Don’t merely record your previous jobs in a list. It would be better to use lots of action verbs and show how your experience made a difference in your career and personality. Add experience showing that you are energetic, an enthusiastic contributor with managing skills and passion for teaching.


You can also add experience which is not teaching or tutoring, but which shows your leadership skills, compassion, or love to coaching others. Specify your position, name of school or company you worked in, years, location, and your primary responsibilities.


6. What to put in the Education section of a Tutor Resume?

Tutoring is an area in which it’s essential to show off your education. Place it correctly and describe your knowledge like a text written in red ink. Your training and expertise should back up your teaching and show your potential employers you are the best candidate.


The education section forms an integral part of any tutor resume regardless of the job applied to, but even more so when you are applying for a Tutor role. Showcasing academic achievements, GPA scores, dean recommendations, golden academic society memberships will significantly boost your chances.


More is more in this scenario. Employers would like to see as much information as possible about your qualifications, accreditations, course curriculums, major subjects, special projects, and so forth. Remember to include details of current certifications or degrees that you are in the process of pursuing and also provide an estimated date of completion.


List your academic accomplishments in order from highest to lowest, as well as the name of your university or college and years.


That’s almost it for the education section. It consists of parts you don’t usually need to add to a regular tutor resume. As long as education information is related to your academic career, you can choose what to include in this section.


The above-mentioned tutor resume sample will give you an understanding of how to make the education segment in a tutor resume.


 7. How to Write Skills on a Tutor Resume?

Tutoring requires a communicative, creative, and patient person. This means some problems may appear out of the blue and as a tutor, you need to solve problems quickly. A tutor should come up with new creative ways of teaching to engage students in the learning process.


It’s essential to meet deadlines and find an individual approach to each student. To become an expert in any field, you need to learn something new and improve your skills continuously. Communication is one of the critical skills of a tutor. You need to know how to explain your concepts to easy and fast different people, both in a group or individually.


8. List of Skills to Include on a Tutor Resume

Your tutor resume should reflect your dedication to the success of your students, learning, and teaching. Here is a list of soft and hard skills you should include on your tutor resume.

Soft skills:

  • problem-solving;
  • communication;
  • patience;
  • compassion;
  • friendly attitude;
  • organization skills;


Hard skills:

  • SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)
  • ACT
  • English
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • History (it depends on your education and subjects you teach).


9. How to include Certifications on Your Tutor Resume?

You need to draw the reader’s attention using your tutor resume and make them hire you. When your education and experience sections are finished, it’s essential to think about how to put licenses and certifications. For a tutor’s resume, you can stay wordy and say more about your education and passion for learning something new including your skills.


Your achievements are like the icing on your tutor resume cake and should showcase your ability to motivate, educate, and inspire your students with the end result being improved academic performance. Refrain from using adjectives like flexible, dynamic, hardworking, and detail orientated in your accomplishment statements.

Instead think of quantifying them with numbers, metrics, frequencies, percentages, scores, and time frames. By adding numerical values to your accomplishment statements, you are effectively providing potential students, parents, and professors with insight into your tutoring capabilities and value-adding skills.


The National Association of Tutoring provides attendance at annual conferences, mentorship opportunities, and industry newsletters. You are going to stay up-to-date about current trends and be a part of a community.


Some employers may require certifications. Certifications will definitely increase your professional credibility and provide detailed instructions about tutoring techniques providing you with the upper hand compared to others.


10. Closing words

This guide will guide you to craft a job-winning tutor resume for any tutor from scratch. As you can see, experience and education sections are crucial for tutors. Do not hesitate to mention in your tutor resume about your interests and hobbies.