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2. How to create a resume

Question is what matters in Resume? How to get it attractive?
what really matters is the way all this information is presented in your resume.

Whatever we say, at the end of the day, a resume’s main aim is to get you shortlisted for the job interview. Hence, it’s important to understand how to present all this information at the right place and customize it specifically to the positions for which you're applying. But it’s easier said than done.

Getting a job interview is not less than a race as hundreds of other candidates have also applied for your dream job.

Choose the Right Resume Format
One of the most important aspect of a perfect resume is choosing the right resume template. Right template can present your skills, achievements and job profile in the best possible manner.

In other words, right resume template can determine whether you will be selected for the interview session or not.

There are three types of resumes:
Hybrid / Combination

3. Resume Format for professional resumes

CV Owl’s Job Winning Resume Format
During any stage of time in your career, it’s always a great idea to renew the look and feel of your resume. Adding a bit of artistic content can serve both the readability and the impressiveness of a resume and CV Owl’s Job Winning Resume Format makes it easy to make the most of a blank page.

Chronological Resume
A ​ chronological resume​ begins by writing your existing job positions, with the most recent position listed first. After your recent job, list your other job positions in reverse chronological order. This resume format is typically preferred by Employers because it's easy to check your past jobs and work experience and when you have worked at them.

Functional Resume
Unlike Chronological Resume, a Functional Resume highlights your skills and experience, rather than on your work history.

You can have a“professional experience” or “accomplishments” section at the top that lists your various skills developed over the years, Instead of having a “work history” section at the top.
{"_id":{"$oid":"5b7c71fd96d15d18d465034e"},"Profile":{"firstName":"ZACH ","lastName":"BRADLEY","email":"","phone":"555-322-7337","jobTitle":"SITE ENGINEER","type":"011","birthDay":"24-Oct-1984","gender":"Male","maritalStatus":"Married","nationality":"American","picture":"\/photos\/original\/missing.png","summary":"Over 10 years experience in site engineer with civil engineering activities that happen actually on site. Once the architectural plans are developed, actual construction begins on site following the parameters set during the planning stage. Expected to had complete knowledge about the safety measures and quality standards to be followed for raw materials and equipment. The site engineer guides the team of workers to follow these parameters and ensure that the actual construction gets constructed as planned. I supervise the purchase of equipment's and ensures appropriate use of excavators, cranes, land diggers, etc. I am ready to travel extensively and work overtime if the project fails to meet deadlines. Also, I am responsible for if any accidents occur on site. Hence, the site engineer's position is termed as responsible and exit.","facebookHandle":"","linkedinHandle":"","currentLocation":"","location":{"address":"1 square street, New York, USA","postalCode":"","city":"","countryCode":"","region":"","state":"","country":""},"phone_alternate":"","coverletterDate":"10 July, 2017"},"Experience":[{"end_date":"Jan 2017","is_active":1,"more_info1":"