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A hard working and efficient assistant director of eight years with experience in working on ten movies of Kannada, Bengali, Hindi origin and with a certificate in movie making and training from New York, with experience regardingtechnical support, maintaining and updating reports and schedules regarding the work completed and to be completed, ensuring safety and security of staff and crew, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, engaging with media and marketing personnel, keeping track of online buzz of the project, coordinating the timing and schedules of various personnel, coordinating with the production team to ensure timely completion of the project, seeks a position under your esteemed patronage with the aim to streamline the work in order to achieve maximum efficiency for money.

Work Experience
Aug 2009 - Apr 2017
Caring Corporation

Assistant Director

New Cityland

  • Arranged meetings for director and distributed completed agenda to all attendees.
  • Responsible for keeping director’s professional schedule and screening all appointments.
  • Accompanied director to all functions and events.
  • Assistant Director of Sales Increased profits by 60% in one year through restructure of product lines.
  • Established sales objectives for each store and determined monitoring structure.
  • Created ranking system that rewarded top performing stores. Maintained quality management and oversight staff.
  • Stayed up-to-date on market trends by attending industry conferences.
  • Assisting director in formulating business goals and initiating policies
  • Responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling business operations
  • Reviewing business activities and drafting methods and procedures for enhancement
  • Providing training and guidance to management staff and motivating them to deliver performance
  • Delegating duties to the staff according to their skills and experience

Aug 2005 - Apr 2009
WeCare International

Assistant Director

New York

  • Responsible for gathering all correspondence for director and creating summary reports of all relevant news items.
  • Handled incoming calls for director and was responsible for creating detailed phone messages.
  • Often acted as liaison between the director and the field directors who were not based in the main office.
  • Delegating duties to the staff according to their skills and experience
  • Monitoring administrative functions and ensuring smooth operations throughout the organization
  • Taking and fulfilling orders of the director and preparing performance report of the company for each quarter
  • Serving as a representative of the company to media, customers, business partners, and stakeholders
  • Organizing and participating in the board meetings and presenting recommendation for overall improvement

Apr 2000 - Jan 2005
International Assistance Corporation

Assistant Director

New York

  • Responsible for gathering all correspondence and relevant news materials and submitting them to the director each morning.
  • Utilized the Internet to maintain contact with main organizational constituents and organized video teleconferences for director.
  • Often visited field operations on behalf of the director and submitted detailed situation reports

Apr 2000 - Jan 2005
B.Sc. - Business Mamt.
8.0 CGPA

Great Western University