JOHN's Resume


Over four years of experience working as a Game Tester. Highly talented Game Tester with experience in video games and technical documentation of bugs and knowledge of how to test developed games for bugs. Experienced in employing outside of the box tactics to push games to the limits in order to identify and isolate bugs in a predictable manner.

Professional Experience
May 2016 - Present
Horizon Entertainment Studios

Game Tester

New Cityland, CA

  • Worked on new games for bugs as a final testing phase.
  • Applied methods to identify errors and reported and collaborated with the development team.
  • Associated with teams of other testers to locate and report errors primarily.
  • Rectified bugs, errors and glitches in different levels.
  • Detailed reports of bug findings.

Jan 2014 - Apr 2016
Mirage Entertainment and Gaming Studios

Game Tester

New Cityland, CA

  • Involved in testing the video games.
  • Applied creative methods to test game environments in unexpected ways to find errors.
  • Rectified bugs and solved in the gaming environment.
  • Worked on technical reports and submitted them.
  • Performed tests with development team & gained experience with a variety of testing software.
  • Worked on test cases.
  • Resolved bugs through utilization of multiple forms of development software.

Jan 2014 - Apr 2016
8.0 CGPA

California Regional Pacific University


About Me

  • Email

  • Phone 555-322-7337

  • Location 1 square street, New York, USA

  • Age28 (20-Jul-1991)

  • Gender Male

  • Marital Status Single

  • Nationality American

  • Education Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design (California Regional Pacific University)

  • Experience Horizon Entertainment Studios (Game Tester)