Exceptionally focused and reliable Entry Level Java Developer with an outstanding work ethic and computer language knowledge base. Adept at explaining complex computer development concepts and processes to a variety of professional and lay audiences in a clear and accessible manner. Able to work well independently or as part of a professional computer program development team. Extensive knowledge of Java on multiple platforms Unix, Linux and Mac OSX. In-depth knowledge of front end application programming using Java SwingProficient with multiple packages of the Core Java API, including Swing, printing and imaging

Professional Experience
Apr 2013 - Present
AbleTech Solutions Inc.

java Developer

New Cityland

  • Contributed to servlet based application development.
  • Assisted in maintaining and updating existing applications and modules.
  • Helped design form validation programs using HTML and JavaScript.
  • Contributed to development of client side and server side codes for external and internal web applications.
  • Provided assistance and support to programming team members as required.
  • Determined requirements and created technical specifications for a customized data warehouse management tool.
  • Developed core technology platform for global client and vendor connectivity.
  • Designed process flow for generation and validation of data.
  • Enforced quality and validity of data affected by Java programs via database packages.
  • Resolved data, application and connectivity issues related to Java programs’ functionality.
  • Maintained, developed and fixed bugs for applications.
  • Documented and unit tested website code and applications.
  • Developed assigned components in accordance with the requirements and detailed designs.
  • Collaborated with a team of developers to build a multi-tier complex Enterprise Java components and ecosystems.
  • Developed software solutions according to the quality and delivery standards of the program

Apr 2013 - Present
6.5 CGPA

University of Minnesota


Apr 2013 - Present
6.5 CGPA

University of Minnesota


About Me

  • Email

  • Phone 555-322-7337

  • Location 1 square street, New York, USA

  • Age33 (30-Sept-1986)

  • Gender Male

  • Marital Status Married

  • Nationality American

  • Education Master’s Degree - Computer Science (University of Minnesota)

  • Experience AbleTech Solutions Inc. (java Developer)