HARRY 's Resume


A hardworking and focused medical lab technician of eight years with experience working abroad in Germany and in conducting blood extraction and testing, recording data collected,screening for toxins, medical report writing, specimen labeling, verifying equipment function and maintenance; seeks a position in your laboratory with the aim to contribute to its client reputation through proper patient diagnosis and consequent timely delivery of the results.

Professional Experience
Aug 2007 - Present
Aztec Biotechnologies


New Parkland

  • Introduced an automatic inventory system to maintain appropriate levels of reagents so there were always stock reserves for crucial testing procedures.
  • Identified an intermittent problem with the virus screening equipment which lead to corrective measures eliminating errors in test results.
  • Managed specimen collection.
  • Managed administrative duties in the laboratory according to established procedures.
  • Contributed to a centralized computerized test reporting system to allow patients to check their results online.

Apr 2001 - Jan 2006
New Parkland Community College


New Parkland

  • Prepared lab equipment reagents and lab stations for the class experiments.
  • Trained students in proper use of equipment safety regulations and proper dress like always wearing closed-toed shoes.
  • Cut and stained tissue specimens for microscopic examination
  • Assisted in research for possible cures.
  • Maintained testing equipment.
  • Prepared specimens and samples

Apr 2001 - Jan 2006
6.5 CGPA

New Parkland Community College

New Parkland

Apr 2001 - Jan 2006
7.5 CGPA

New Parkland Community College

New Parkland

About Me

  • Email harry.smith@cvowl.com

  • Phone 555-322-7337

  • Location 1 square street, New York, USA

  • Age34 (28-Jul-1985)

  • Gender Male

  • Marital Status Married

  • Nationality American

  • Education Bachelors of Science in Microbiology (New Parkland Community College )

  • Experience Aztec Biotechnologies (MEDICAL LAB TECHNICIAN)