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The newsreader is responsible for delivering news reports via TV, radio or digital media services. Depending on whether a newsreader is to appear on radio or television news programmes, the news announcements will either take the form of auditory (radio) or audio-visual (TV) performances. News reading is the tone of voice and pacing to make the stories sound engaging, warm and entice the listener to learn more. The newsreader will typically be seeking to avoid sounding dry, flat, or as if they are just reading from a pre-prepared list, which is where the readers' talent defines their ability.

Professional Experience
May 2013 - Apr 2016
ZEE International Entertainment

news reader

New Parkland

  • Assisted by the senior news reporter in investigating current stories.
  • Developed the network of resources to gather information.
  • Writing and editing of articles to be printed in the newspaper, and on the website.
  • Assisted in video shooting and editing.
  • Performed field research on varieties of issues ranging from entertainment to internal affairs.

Apr 2008 - Jan 2012
BBC Channel


New Parkland

  • Searching the news on current affairs from the right sources.
  • Meet with press releases called by the government and the various organizations.
  • Assisted in the presentation of the stories on the TV network.
  • Co-ordinate with the studio and update them on fieldwork at regular intervals.
  • Investigate of facts and analyze it before making it public.
  • Interview with government officials and other profile persons.

Apr 2008 - Jan 2012
8.0 CGPA

California Technical College

New Parkland

Apr 2008 - Jan 2012
6.5 CGPA

Cappulut College

New Parkland

About Me

  • Email tanu.gawri@cvowl.com

  • Phone 555-322-7337

  • Location 1 square street, New York, USA

  • Age31 (30-Mar-1988)

  • Gender Female

  • Marital Status Married

  • Nationality American

  • Education Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism (California Technical College)

  • Experience ZEE International Entertainment (news reader)