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Research Assistant seeking entrance to Graduate School for Biomedical Science program. Reliable Graduate Research Assistant who has an amazing organization and personal networking skills. Adept at utilizing the Internet for reliable research helping students find resources that are difficult to locate and maintain a strong rapport with students and faculty. Specializes in the arts and humanities. Experienced, dedicated. Hands-on patient care experience in therapeutic settings. Continuing education includes coursework in Organic Chemistry.

Work Experience
Apr 2014 - Jan 2017
State University


New York

  • Able to network with a large contingent of local business and intellectual leaders to give research students a chance at internships and jobs. 
  • Often called on to assist with more comprehensive and complex projects.
  • Assisted physical therapists in the set-up of patient exercise therapies.
  • Taught patients how to use the therapeutic adaptive equipment.
  • Counseled patients on various therapies, including water therapy.
  • Guided new patient tours of the facility, performed front office duties.
  • managed supplies and transported patients for therapy

Apr 2008 - Apr 2013
University of California

Graduate Research Assistant


  • Provided the direct assistance to research professor in the food science department by organizing lab.
  • Preparing for experimental procedures, and analyzing data and past experiments to compose scientific research papers on experiments are performed
  • Keeping track of all research materials and maintaining a log for the research computer lab.
  • Responsible for the development of client reports on current trends
  • Working on large data sets to performing data Analysis and generating meaningful insights out of them.

Mar 2005 - Apr 2008
AMB Physical Therapy Department



  • Performing secondary and primary research covering market analysis and trends, competitor analysis and supplier intelligence to propose strategic options to the clients as customized reports.
  • Create and produce market research reports on chemicals and materials markets, mainly petrochemicals and plastics.
  • Have to deal with report specific customer inquiries.
  • Defining target markets and opportunities within them.
  • Processing and analyzing raw data into reports.

Mar 2005 - Apr 2008
Coursework in Organic Chemistry
6.5 CGPA

State University


Mar 2005 - Apr 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science
7.6 CGPA

State University


Mar 2005 - Apr 2008
Coursework in Psychology, Political Science, and Philosophy
6.5 CGPA

State University