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A diligent and enterprising research associate of three years with work experience in the US seeks your patronage in securing a position in your current project with the aim to contribute to its success by data maintenance, data recording, conducting interviews, transcribing interviews, report writing, securing permits and ensuring proper security of the project. Proficient at making statistical analysis, and following quantitative and qualitative research methods. Superior critical thinking abilities that help to consider the various perspectives while performing research. knowledge in biology science and well acquainted with the research techniques required for this field

Work Experience
Mar 2012 - Apr 2017
Milestone Research Center

Research Associate

New Ciyland

  • Planning experiments that need to be performed after studying the basis and of chemical elements
  • Conducting experiments under the supervision of head scientists and noting down the results of each experiment
  • Documenting reactions and effects of the experiments and comparing them against the pre-determined objectives
  • Making preparations for the trials by arranging chemicals, specimens and apparatus in required quantity
  • Studying the impact of various activities on the biological effect on environment
  • Writing research reports based on the research methods, research analysis and verify if the actual objectives were met or not.
  • Maintained laboratory supplies by purchasing fresh stock to ensure availability of requisite supplies at all times
  • Followed the laboratory rules and trial protocols sincerely to ensure discipline during the research programs
  • Entered collected data into the data management system and ensured integrity
  • Sorted, formatted and analyzed information to make accurate inferences

Apr 2006 - Jan 2012
Galaxy Research Center

Research Associate

New Ciyland

  • Conducted research to identify presenting and speaking opportunities for C-level executives.
  • Conducted background research on potential partners.
  • Helped to develop direct mailing campaign and distribute to over 500000 recipients.
  • Identified new target market and suggested a marketing shift resulting in increased sales.
  • Used MS Excel to create a comprehensive market analysis.
  • Gathered information relevant to the subject of research and that which is vital for conducting experiments
  • Contributed ideas and opinions in research activities by suggesting research methods and conclusions for analysis

Apr 2006 - Jan 2012
Bachelors Degree – Marketing and finance
8.0 CGPA

University of California

New Ciyland

Apr 2006 - Jan 2012
Associates Degree – Marketing
6.5 CGPA

University of Florida

New Ciyland