CHARLES C 's Resume


I have 2 years experience of this job. I have worked in various circumstances. My technical skills and problem-solving attitude always helps me to handle any issue. I know how to install various programs so I can do my job effectively. I have the deep knowledge of my field and I can use various equipment efficiently.

Professional Experience
Feb 2006 - Present
Nevada Water Works Department



  • Conducted research to determine requirements and plans for highways common buildings bridges and other structures
  • As concealed practitioner consulted on essential repairs in surveying sites fulfilling topographical services and outlines
  • Provided counsel to Manufacture Foreman in regard to headship alongside a variety of manufacturing procedures
  • Developed advanced designs for maintaining walls with structured abutments

Apr 2002 - Jan 2005
Mississippi Municipal Works Division



  • Collaborated with senior management and engineering team to develop and implement project objectives
  • Coordinated timeframes between teams and team members to ensure project completions in timely manners
  • Researched and collected data to complete surveys that validated project objectives
  • Installed and conducted tests on equipment

Apr 2002 - Jan 2005
8.0 CGPA

The University of Northern Florida


About Me

  • Email

  • Phone 555-322-7337

  • Location 1 square street, New York, USA

  • Age29 (28-Jul-1991)

  • Gender Male

  • Marital Status Married

  • Nationality American

  • Education Bachelors Degree – Land Surveying (The University of Northern Florida)

  • Experience Nevada Water Works Department (Surveyor)