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An innovative and enterprising web developer of seven years, with proficiency in handling HTML, JavaScript, CSS and experience in developing website layouts, graphic designing as well as developing, testing and upgrading the created websites is seeking a position in your firm with the aim to improve its client experience through better understanding of the customer's needs and executing them in a way which improves upon it. Leverage technical, analytical and problem-solving skills to create dynamic, high-speed websites, apps and platforms fueling competitive advantage and revenue growth

Work Experience
Feb 2014 - Present
Myovertex Technologies

Web Developer

New Cityland

  • Contributed to design and development of client and server database applications.
  • Maintained and updated HTML/CSS templates on a regular basis and as required.
  • Assisted in planning and implementing dynamic and online electronic commerce applications.
  • Conducted layout design and construction for a variety of websites as assigned.
  • Provided technical support to other web design team members as directed.
  • Leverage technical, analytical and problem-solving skills to create dynamic, high-speed websites, apps and platforms fueling competitive advantage and revenue growth.
  • Developed API platform for segmentation, personalized recommendations and omni-channel messaging that reduced cart-abandonment rate by 37%, leading to a $1.25M increase in online sales within 90 days of solution launch.
  • Led front-end development and assisted with back-end programming for website overhaul. Ensured the technical feasibility and optimum functioning of design features that accelerated load-time by 17% and improved site stickiness by 21%.

Apr 2009 - Jan 2014
Caterpillar Inc.

Web Developer

New Cityland

  • Work with a team of four web developers who create and manage a platform for organizational development and employee education.
  • Use JavaScript, PHP, and AJAX, among other tools, to design the platform.
  • Write two to four pieces of SEO content every month to use in building the company’s online ranking.
  • Created website layouts for three to five clients each month. Managed everything from formatting to scripting to SEO.
  • Monitored traffic usage to determine which areas needed to be modified for increased visibility and recognition
  • Contributed to writing code and SEO for 15 regular clients. Participated in quarterly training regarding development strategies and effective practices for web design.
  • Presented an end-of-term demonstration of the skills I learned to members of executive management

Apr 2008 - Mar 2009
Freeze Inc.

Web Developer Intern

New Cityland

  • Detail-oriented and thorough to avoid mistakes that limit platform efficiency and user navigation
  • Skilled in JavaScript, PHP, and AJAX and willing to learn other software programs
  • Competent writing skills and experience in creating SEO that highlights brand characteristics and organizational authenticity
  • Great communication skills and ability to work with others well in a team setting
  • Creative and innovative to develop unique platforms to enhance brand and company growth

Apr 2008 - Mar 2009
Bachelor of Science - IT
7.0 CGPA

California Technical College